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Archaeoastronomy videos


  • Stones of Wonder - why archaeology is ill-prepared to evaluate archaeoastronomy, free of its bias and agenda
  • Archaeogeodesy - tangential to archaeoastronomy by instructor James Q. Jacobs
  • Flat Ogham is Legit - despite's Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews' misinformed and arrogant rant

Modern Astronomy

Virtual Astronomy

  • Galaxiki - web 2.0 wiki based virtual galaxy, user editable, launched July 2007
  • Apparent Disk of Solar System Object - U.S.N.O. generates a synthetic image of the moon or other solar system object for specified date and time
  • Online Orrery - displays of relative positions of solar system planets in their orbits, and more, interactive
  • Earth and Moon Viewer - choose among points of view and layouts for an illuminated earth or moon right now
  • Victor Reijs - archaeocosmology tools for determining declination, azimuth, and altitude; many more links

Archaeology's Arrogance: How Wikipedia's archaeoastronomy article was hijacked

Time Keeping


  • The PaGaian Cosmology Website by Glenys Livingstone, Ph. D., Blue Mountains, AUS, celebrating natural human spirituality, honoring our home planet's seasonal cycles, a primal lesson about change and balance to All Life on Earth - includes text of book of the same name, essays and a discussion forum
  • The Universe Story as Unfolding of the Triple Goddess and Her Seasonal Celebration by Glenys Livingstone, a cosmological fable for those south of the Equator, where the tub water drains counter-clockwise and Gaia connectivity and different stars in the night sky provide an alternative to the northern hemisphere's dominant cosmic orientation

England and Wales


  • Victor Reijs - worldwide index of megalithic buildings
  • Stone Pages - a guide to European megaliths and other ancient sites




  • Archaeoastronomy in Iran - by Manoochehr Arian (Zia), Tower of Radkan solar observatory, inspired Farsi "Tonight I am with stars" music, illustrated


  • Mythical Ireland - Mythical Ireland is a comprehensive website which examines the Irish Stone Age monuments in the context of astronomy, art, mythology and archaeology, and looks specifically at how capable the mound-builders were in relation to astronomy and knowledge of the sun, moon and stars. Many of their sites have survived over 5,000 years, and some, like Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth and Loughcrew, continue to function today. Of particular interest:
  • - Boyne Valley Megalithic Tombs: Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth, Loughcrew, Fourknocks, Tara
  • Loughcrew Cairn T - Equinox site in the western mountains of County Meath
  • 22 March 2004 sunrise - illumination of backstone at Loughcrew, Cairn T, shot by Michael Fox
  • The Sacred Island - by artist, researcher & guide Martin Byrne
  • Every Ogham Thing on the Web - includes Ogham fonts for Mac computers


  • - Maggie & Keith Davidson's archive of 3500 images including many interactive VR panoramas of Scottish, English, Irish & Welsh sites
  • Stones of Wonder - Prehistoric Observatories in Scotland


Exploratory Adventures

  • Ley Lines - centered at Glastonbury Tor in Somerset, pivotal in the Old Straight Track
  • Stones of Wonder - theories of The Old Straight Track author/antiquarian Alfred Watkins
  • Sacred Sites - Pilgrim anthropologist Martin Gray shares his travels to over 1000 places in 80 countries
  • Magic Planet - Collection of wonderful photos by Martin Gray
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