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Welcome to this website, authored by me since November 1997. Searchers from 100 countries / regions have visited so far in 2018. Thank you, everyone, everywhere.
Ancient astronomies memorialized heavenly bodies overhead and at the horizons at specific times of the year. These shaped many diverse cultures, resulting in civil refinements and fulfillments of time-keeping worldwide, common to everyone. Humans along with earthbound animals and plants adapt to the seasons and glide together through infinity: spinning, orbiting and cork-screwing as we're tugged by our Sun's course within the Milky Way, one of who-knows-how-many galaxies in the Universe.
I love sharing my passion for the archaeoastronomy chase with trusty video gear in tow since 1984.
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mid-American archaeoastronomy ignored by mainstreamers, mainly the enforcers within archaeology who say NO WAY developer and curator Scott Monahan in Colorado, USA
star field by Starry Night Backyard, formerly Imaginova   now Simulation Curriculum