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Continuing with the site's New Years refresh coming shortly after midnight Greenwich, UK, January 1. Call it v.2018.0, a refresh was long overdue.
The navigation is more direct and intuitive and much of the content is new. Our popular JavaScript engines keep clocking away for real time alerts on upcoming equinoxes, solstices and cross-quarter moments shared worldwide as a planet. We're featuring embedded videos from transatlantic contributors. I've posted personal thoughts on the twists and turns of archaeoastronomy; some aspects will be news to many.
Ancient astronomies memorialized recurring seasonal events in the heavens. These shaped many diverse cultures to assist civilizations in refining and fulfilling common time-keeping needs on our planet. Common to each and everyone of us, animals and plants, too, as we glide together through The Infinite, spinning and orbiting and cork-screwing pulled by our Sun's course within our Milky Way Galaxy, one of who-knows-how-many composing The Universe.
Many of our visitors return as the countdowns near cusp transitions, 8 times a year. These happen simultaneously worldwide as we pass through the 8 cosmic divisions of our orbit, again and again and again, as Earth has for millennia.
Thanks for stopping by! I love sharing my passion for the archaeoastronomy chase, on safaris near and far, with video gear as a preservation tool over many years.
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