Colorado and Oklahoma

Archaeaoastronomy of Southeast Colorado and the Oklahoma PanhandleSeven states with Ogham corridor highlighted by orange ellipse

Old News

Scott Monahan's latest documentary (2005) about the controversial theory of Old World Celtic adventurers and the alphabetic writing they left on the rocks alongside elaborate archaeoastronomical markings upon which sunlit silhouettes conform on equinox, solstice and cross-quarter days. See Old News website for complete details and sample videos.


Carl Lehrburger's account of an equinox site with a noon hour sundagger on a bluff overlooking the Purgatoire River. A large target panel features Pecked Abstract rock art, presumably made in the Archaic or Middle Archaic Period, possibly of Navajo origin or a tribe influenced by Navajo legends.

History on the Rocks

Scott Monahan's KRMA (PBS), Denver, documentary (1985) examining some archaeoastronomical evidence along the Arkansas River Basin in southeastern Colorado and the Oklahoma panhandle, suggesting Old World voyagers came to the region long before the European settlers of 5 centuries ago.

remote links to other suspected pre-Columbian Old World visitations in USA

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