Archaeoastronomy in the USA's heartlands ignored, even blasted by unified, mainstream archaeology for 4 decades
documentary trilogy – 1985, 2005, 2018 – of ancient archaeoastronomy in mid-America - video streams in HD / SD archives
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History on the Rocks documentary trailer on VIMEO VOD
History on Rocks preview

view at VIMEO   3:15
May 1985 KRMA (PBS)
Denver telecast, now HD

57:58   2 day rental $8.71
History or Mystery 1986 KRMA-TV DENVER PBS studio debate between Colorado archaeology and diffusionist discoverers
TV debate: 2 diffusionists vs. 2 rigid Colorado archaeologists

obstructionists persist in 2021 1986 KRMA telecast now in HD
1 hour free embedded video here
Sacred EquinoX documentary trailer on VIMEO VOD
Old News preview

view at VIMEO   3:00
2005 DVD documentary
up converted to HD

1:21:29   2 day rental $7.71
Sacred EquinoX teaser on VIMEO VOD
Sacred EquinoX preview

view at VIMEO     3:00
2018 HD documentary
1:07:49   2 day rental $9.71
Lughnasad sunup below @1:30

binary gif animation of archaeoastronomy schema at southeast Colorado's Sun Temple, Beltaine and Lughnasad sunrise alignments alternating with University of Oklahoma archaeoastronomy professor Steven R. Gullberg
Oklahoma Star Map in Cave One, Anubis Site, Oklahoma
Okla. cave star map AD 471?

Indo-European Weaver Maiden Celtic constellation, in trade, adopted by Chinese as Chi nü
2:24 free video here
Dan Rather on CBS Evening News spring 1987
CBS Evening News
Dan Rather introduces report on 1987 equinox CO sunup & OK sunset
3:00 free video here
icon of 2017 solar eclipse near Riverton WY
2017 Eclipse

200 camped
near midline
Riverton, WY

4:47 free here

1987 CBC Canada

reporter Eve Savory
recaps 1985 KRMA
Denver documentary

3:00 free video here
Sacred EquinoX
mission and fact-checking
post-processual archaeology
archaeological malpractice
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